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The Expat Files for Sunday, June 22, 2014

Click Here to play: Sunday, June 22, 2014 Ever wonder about those nasty chemtrails that people seem to be arguing about? Do they show up in Latin American skies too? Here’s a Latin sky-watcher’s eyewitness report... And now, from the “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink” department: Some newbee expats and gringos come charging down to Latin America armed with … [Read More...]

The Expat Files for Friday, June 20, 2014

Click Here to play: Friday, June 20, 2014 It doesn't make sense to us, but seriously, why do Latins of all classes still believe that the so-called “American Dream” is alive and well? Why do the under-educated, lower classes continue to flood over the Rio Grande in record numbers- including the latest phenomena where more than 1000 unaccompanied illegal children are smuggled into Texas each … [Read More...]

The Expat Files for Sunday, June 15, 2014

Click Here to play: Sunday, June 15, 2014 Do to popular demand we're back on that popular subject of buying land and property in Latin America: Long time “Expat Files” listeners know by now that there is a big real estate bubble throughout Latin America that's soon to pop. But if you folks are so well informed, then why do I still get so many emails asking about how to get cheap real estate … [Read More...]

The Expat Files for Friday, June 13, 2014

Click Here to play: Friday, June 13, 2014 Part 2 concerning the predatory FATCA banking laws that are forcing foreign banks to reveal complete details of US citizen bank accounts to the IRS. This odiferous law will be phasing in starting July 1, 2014. And now more details on some immediate and long term steps you might want to take… Are expats unpatriotic? Some stateside folks seem to … [Read More...]

X-Factor Je Ne Sais Quoi

Don't worry I haven't gone all French on you (je ne sais quoi is about as far as my French vocab goes), however, French would be useful in Paris, which according to a new report by the property people Savills is a city with the X-factor. In their report ’12 Cities,’ Savills names London and New York as the world’s leading X-factor cities, with Singapore and Paris in equal third. Savills … [Read More...]

Are You Being Fooled?

Are you being fooled into thinking that there's only one path you should consider to make money as an expat? Trust me, I've been on the expat trail for many years and the path I want to talk to you about today can be the easiest, fastest, least-stressful yet most-lucrative way to kick-start your expat life. You see, there are really only two main paths to making money as an Expat. One … [Read More...]

Almost a Year Ago to this Day

About a year ago Johnny and I started throwing around the idea of leading an 'Insider's Tour of Old World Spain'... Also a year ago, I crashed and burned on my mountain bike breaking five-ribs, shattering my right clavicle and puncturing a lung ending up with a lovely 5-night stay in the hospital (free, courtesy of the EU)... And then the government of Spain said some really wacky a** stuff... It … [Read More...]

Survey Results Are In, 25.7% Response Rate!

Thanks for checking out the survey results. We hope you'll find them as interesting as we did... and being that 25.7% of our subscribers answered, we think it's pretty damn exciting (and accurate, of course). Even if we have to say so our nerdy expat selves! First off, we asked: Q: Are you exploring ways you can make money as an Expat?                  Yes    81.3%     No     … [Read More...]

“Bah humbug! Am i the only one?”

How many of these emails have you found in your inbox over the last few weeks from people you don't know? With subject lines like: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year... Seasons Greetings... May the Joy of this Special Time of Year... And for my favorite hollow well wish... Happy Holidays! It's not that I have anything against Christmas or New Years but it is a bit much … [Read More...]

Survey- Making Money as an Expat

Please answer the following 3 questions. There's only one answer allowed per question, so think about for a moment or two before you answer. The survey will take you about 30 seconds to complete. Promise. I have a Special Offer for you at the end. And Thanks for your feedback! [survey_funnel key = 'survey_funnel_52b3733358b'] … [Read More...]


Escape Plan… Ditch the Rat Race, Discover the World and Live Better for Less!

Travel Hacks For You To See The World For A Fraction Of the Cost With Zero Hassles The ebook is approximately 172 pages and has over 110 hyperlinks to specific travel information and resources to help you plan a trip to change your life. Introduction Chapter 1: Priorities Chapter 2: Nuts and Bolts of World Travel Chapter 3: How to Fly for Cheap (Or Free) Chapter 4: … [Read More...]

What’s on your mind?

Every day Johnny and I receive emails from expat wannabees who have questions, comments, insights or some expat news tidbits they just want to share. And while we read each one, we simply don't have the time to reply to everyone. But we've found a solution that we know you will like. So... for the first time ever, we are going to open our (blog) website to 'comments'.  Yeah, ok, it's not … [Read More...]

The Tale of the Two Traveling Apples…

Two traveling Apples were partying late one night, drinking heavily, dancing like crazies and overall having a blast. Suddenly the boy Apple squeezes up real close to the girl Apple and asks, "it's late, wanna head to the room?". She answers, "your iPad or mine?". And in the morning they were both so hungover, hurting to the 'core', that even they reached for two Tablets. Now that really is … [Read More...]

The Real Scoop On Being a ‘Travel Writer’

In June of this year I started my 'Expat 50' tour in *celebration* of my, yep, you guessed it, my 50th. Ouch! I planned the trip to coincide with the "Expat Wisdom Latin American Insider Seminar" and to meet up with Johnny, Jose and the Expat Wisdom crew again. While traveling one question I was often asked was how could I afford to be perpetually traveling when I have a 'real, first-world' … [Read More...]


Surfs Up Dude! (as are the ‘Expat Files’)

I recently spent 4-days and 3-nights on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala at the Paredon Surf House. Yes reliving another past joy on my 'Expat 50' tour. I learned to surf about 20 years ago when I lived on the coast in San Diego, California and where I surfed nearly every day. On my best days I'm an 'OK' surfer (and on a LONG board); normally I can hold my own but on this trip boy was I absolutely … [Read More...]

An Expat Looks At 50

In a few short weeks I'll be 50. Ouch. I don't really feel 50 but the sound of it, does sound, well, 'old'. I remember when my father turned 50 and to me he was 'ancient'. Now that it's my turn I'm wondering what my kids are thinking... are they really thinking, like hey dad, 50 is the new 40! hmmm, some how I really doubt it. I planned my 'Expat 50' Latin America trip to coincide with the … [Read More...]

The 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions

On a recent podcast of the 'Expat Files' Johnny lists the six topics he's most frequently asked about. They are (in no particular order):     Retiring     Health Care     Cost of Living     Dating and Romance     Security and Safety     Setting up a Business And there's also a 7th. From my many conversations with expat wannabees, I would add, *Happiness* Now rarely does … [Read More...]